A day at the market

A Day At The Market

For one of our days off, our group split into two; a bunch went to visit Busua, a beach town, and Sharon and I headed to Tacoradi, to explore some local market action. We weren’t sure what it would be like, and were excited to explore the unknown. We got dropped off, and soon realized Tacoradi ‘ is a very busy, bustling town. I had read that it would be as such, but it’s much different to experience it in person. It made me wonder if it’s what a tourist who visits NYC for the first time may feel like. There were people walking in all directions next to one another, making the sidewalk feel small. There were all types of different things being sold on the sidewalk, from clothing, to fruit, to cooked meat, to housewares. We thought ‘yes, we found the shopping jackpot!’, but then we broke out our map, only to find out that  what we were seeing was just the beginning the real action was inside of a huge circular building that was a block down. This building was called the Tacoradi Market, a huge building that almost resembled the shape of a stadium.There were two floors, and it seemed like there were vendors for miles. We started to walk around it, and then realized there were entrances to walk inside. We continued to walk until we found a small entrance, and there, is where the magic began. It felt like we had just walked into a cross between a labyrinth, and the Secret Garden…there were vendors to your left and right for miles, separated by tight walkways between them. Every where you turned, something was being sold.

It was an amazing sensory overload to your senses; so many smells, sights, and sounds. Walking around, you smell everything from fresh cut vegetables, to soap, from fish, to spices. Some areas smelt so good it made you want to buy it all; others smelt so bad you had to move through them quickly. The sights were also amazing; pigs feet being sold, live crabs in buckets,  beans of all colors, endless bins of rice, palm beans being prepared, okra being chopped..and that was all in just one food area. The market seemed to be separated in different areas, so each one brought on a whole new array of sights and sounds. Sharon and I were loving it, and were taking in everything around us. We are both from NY, and the different sections reminded us of different parts of the city; as we’d pass each one, we’d call it out…’We now enter the garment center’, ‘This one is Harlem’, and ‘Definitely the Broadway of Tacoradi’. Ha. It was cool to see how the sections were divided up. We saw so many great things. Sharon was all about the patterned cloth, so we stopped at a few vendors for that. The prices range according to how nice the fabric is, usually ranging between 3-8 Cedi per yard.

We were excited to see this particular type of bean that we had eaten at our hotel for breakfast..it was delicious. (The rounder bean, in the 2nd picture below)

At the market, there was SO much fish. At times, not going to lie- I definitely got creeped out. I remember looking at a bin of shells thinking they looked really nice, until slowly I started to see one, two, three begin to squirm…they were snails! Gave me the creeps. I moved away from that bin fast! There were also tons of live crabs, and larger types of snails as well. Not my cup of tea, but I imagine it being a great place to go for the locals, who often eat fish as a staple in their meals.

The fresh vegetables were my favorite. I loved the smell as they were getting washed or chopped. I loved how colorful they were. There were bright greens, and reds, oranges and yellows everywhere!

Sharon and I also found one lady that sold beads. As most of you know, last year while visiting Cape Coast I got two strands of beads, one green and one white. They are still on my wrist today, and I wasn’t planning on getting anymore. Then I got to this lady’s stand. There was one gorgeous orange strand of beads that stood out. I had to have it. Welcome the new addition to my wrist 🙂 (I think soon I’ll be cutting one from last year off, so I will only have 2, 1 from each year. Was thinking of cutting the green, suggestions are welcome!) Sharon got really pretty blue beads as well.

I also have always wanted a waist band, so without hesitation I picked out a pretty blue strand, and had the lady place it around my waist. At first it was a bit too loose, so we went back and had her tighten it. I love it! It has definitely taken some time to get used to, but I love it. It’s a good reminder when I eat just a little too much ha…like I did RIGHT after getting it on. Sharon and I were starving after a morning of shopping. We had heard there was a lot of “chinese food” in the area, so we thought we’d give it a try. We found this:

It was a lot of food, but so yum! The perfecy way to end an exciting busy day in Tacoradi 🙂