I’m a 29 year old school social worker born and raised in New York. Ever since I was younger, I enjoyed helping others. I’ve always been interested in learning about human emotions, how people think, how they grow.  I quickly learned, social work was my calling.  And so was school social work. It’s hard. It’s a challenge. It’s draining. It’s emotional. But, I love it. I love knowing that every day I can try my best to make a difference in a child’s life.

Since I was a child, I have always wanted to go to Africa and help those most in need. This is a blog that records my dream coming true.

Last summer from July 15-August 6th 2011, I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer in Ghana with The Humanity Exchange, and will be returning again this coming summer from July 16-August 7th 2012 to run a group and volunteers to run a summer camp in 2 local villages. I use this blog to record the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, & experiences during my first and now second trip to Ghana. More specifically, I’ll be focusing on the perspective of Ghana from that of a child- what life is like, the feelings they experience, and the diffierent dynamics that exist among the varied age groups.

Here’s my program’s site:



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  1. Alana, I’d love to follow your blog! You were always such a great writer and photographer. Best of luck in Ghana!

  2. Hi Alana, do you have an email address I can write you?? I would like to volunteer in Africa next year… 🙂 Love your blog!!!

  3. Hello Alana, My husband and I spent 11 months in Ghana in 2010. We were there helping out with Word Alive Missions. We came to know the children at the school and orphanage very well. It blessed us to see your story and pictures. we recognized all the children in them. God bless you for enriching their lives.

    • It’s so great to hear this! What organization did you work with?
      I went with The Humanity Exchange, and am fortunate enough to go back next summer to have the opportunity as Team Leader of the program I volunteered with. It was the most amazing experience, always nice to share it with others who have been through the same thing!!

      • My husband Larry had gone on five mission trips with a pastor from Maryland to work with Word Alive Missions. His first trip was in 2000. He loved the mission field so much that he wanted to go for a longer period. We prayed about it and we felt led to sell our home and business and go. we were in Ghana from Feb to Dec of 2010. While there we were asked to fill in as supervisors of Living Stone School. It was so wonderful to be able to help. we went to the orphanage every saturday night to spend time with the children. We have a projector and showed them movies and brought snacks. we also showed movies at the Word alive church in town on sunday nights to the children of the town. we always had the town children at the house playing football and other games. we really got quite attached to the orphanage children. we really miss them and are praying to return. we do send the children cards and letters. Lemur and nicholas were my favorites. I wanted to take them home with us. Larry really got attached to Naomi and CheChe (Cecelia). It is great to hear that you will be returning. Will you go back to the school and orphanage again? How long will you stay this time? It was great to see the pictures you posted, Chemonte has gotten so big. He is such a little roughian, he didn’t let the older boys take advantage of him. I saw in the picture that Chemonte was wearing his crocs. My husband Larry wore crocs and one day we saw someone selling crocs in town and we bought them all a pair and they were so excited because they had the same shoes as Larry. Wow it is great to be able to talk with you. Please write and tell us how the children are doing.

  4. We have been helping a little boy in ghana to go to school ..I have one or two quiries i would like to ask your advice about some things please is there any way i can contact you by private message , please….

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