Ghana 2012

Hi friends! It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, I’m excited to start again soon. I am working on organizing the trip for next summer, and will be blogging in a few days with all the details about the trip, and reflecting on the process as well. Stay tuned, I can’t wait to share it with you all. I am also going to blog about one of the most amazing places I visited, a stilted village called Nzulezu. The group that we’ll be going with this summer will be taking a day trip there, and I felt bad that I never had the opportunity to blog about it while I was in Ghana last summer- but, better late than never! I thought it would be a great time to blog about it and show some of the great shots we took there. It was truly a special place and one that stood out so well in my mind. The entire village is on wooden stilts upon a body of water! It’s incredible to see. Stay tuned for more blogs to come this weekend!

In the meantime, here are 2 pictures of the village, Nzulezu:



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